Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Weaving Guild Meeting June 2016

Visiting with other weavers and seeing what they are working on is very enlightening. It gets those weaving juices going when you might be in a rut on what to weave. From the basic cardboard loom to the 8 shaft loom, see what we have been up to.
A new weaver! He wove this on his cardboard loom. It is awesome!! He chose the yarns to use and where to place them. 

Sam W used rosepath for these towels.

A new-to-us book. Lots of 'REP' info too. Thanks to Sam W. for sharing this. 

Sam B. and a wonderful scarf.

Dawn and her family used some Oklahoma red clay to make a 'dye pot' and dye her t-shirt. She said it was very interesting and took a few days to complete the process but was loads of fun.
Katie has been at it weaving another blanket. Here she is showing the crocheted strips she used to connect the three panel blanket. 

Katie also wove some placements to go with some napkins she wove earlier. Outstanding! 

Vicki and her painted warps! The feel and drape is like butter. 

Vicki also shared her blue towels.   

Barbara loves to make different weaving tool. Here is a 'coffee stirrer' reed/heddle for a backstrap loom.  

Jane shared some wonderful hand spun mohair and alpaca.  

Jane also recycled some weft rags and wove a table runner.

I found my example of Theo Moorman. I made this small pillow with my sample. Katie gave a great program last month on this technique.  

Bo has been weaving scarves. They are 'yummy'!!

Bo also shared this very soft and beautiful blanket. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Woven Shibori Towels with Dish Rags

Here are three of my woven Shibori towels with their matching knitted dish rags. I am very pleased with the towels and even the way the dish rags took the dye. The towels are 8/2 cotton warp and weft while the knitted dish rags are "Sugar and Cream" cotton. I had a lot of fun weaving and knitting then dying.

On this dish rag I added an extra 'flower' to help when extra scrubbing is needed!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Woven Shibori Dye Workshop

My once a year dye workshop was great fun! Our focus was on woven shibori, but we had lots of other stuff to dye too. We usually use fiber reactive dyes but this year we added an indigo pot. We were dying woven shibori, t-shirts, commercial cloth, hats, socks, warps.... you name it and we might have put it in the dye pot! Plant fibers from cotton to silk to soy was in the pot or set aside to batch. We will see the finished articles at the next Diva meeting in July. It should be a great show and tell!!