Friday, March 27, 2015

White on White Snowflakes

In honor of the snow we had today.... just a few very large flakes...... I will share my white on white snowflake twill runner. It was going to be a kitchen towel, but looked like a runner to me. So I added some crochet filet on the ends and have called it done!

This project went very fast. I can't think of any one part that I didn't mind doing. The warp was a white while the weft was more a cream-white color. I used the weft to crochet the edges.

The other runner (purple) is still being hemmed. I just might add a crochet edge to it too?!?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Show Me Yours!

Another wonderful guild meeting with lots of show and share. Most of the members of this guild have four shaft looms, but what an exciting group of ladies and gents. From large blankets to mug rugs to towels and beyond....... I think you will enjoy this sampling of their work.

Larry has been weaving waffle weave towels. Here is one washed and one not. You can see how the cells pop once it is washed.

Barbara has been doing some felting. Here is her awesome purse and long vest. She is taking felting to a whole 'nother level!!!

Katie created another wonderful rug. Now how did she do that??? I think we need a program on her technique. 

Katie has also finished another blanket. This one is for a son.

And not to keep her shuttles still, Katie wove towels too.

Vicki used my dimity draft and wove some towels.

Not to stop at the dimity towels, Vicki then produced these color and weave towels.

Bo created three one-of-a-kind scarves. They feel yummy.

Bo also brought two shawls but one of the photo's didn't turn out. This has great drape.

Jane has been busy weaving rugs. 

Jane had also been experimenting with different wefts and now has several samples for her library.   

Sam wove a long warp with several towels and one section of bookmarks. She used 11 different yarns at once. She said it was an adventure and she didn't think she would try that again. 

Sam also brought this great rug. Check out the back side. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Snow

I was able to fit one 'white' towel on the end of this warp. I just did a quick up and down on the treadles of this snowflake twill threading.

The final test will be when I get this all washed and ironed. Maybe I will add a crochet edge to the runner or beads.? ? Gonna let it sit a day or few and see what happens.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Purple Snow

I am sure you have heard or talked about different colors of snow.... well..... I have one long (100 inches) snowflake table runner and I am calling it Purple Snow!

My table is 72 inches long, so I will have a nice drape over on the long end edges. The table is 28 inches wide but the runner is only 20 inches wide. So it isn't a table cloth, but more of a long table runner.

I am working on a couple of towels at the end of this warp.... I have one almost done and will see if I can squeeze out another.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

More Bear

I did not knit or crochet these all in the same day. They work up real quick, use up left-over yarn and might make some little girls smile. At least I hope for a little smile.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Guild Show and Tell

I know that I told you yesterday about the great program that Kathy gave on Lace Weaves, but I forgot to include the show and tell from our members. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy! (If you want a closer look, just click on a photo and it should enlarge.)
Using a photo of her flowers to get her color way for these great towels.

Overshot pillow with hand-dyed wool

chenille yardage



Saddle Blanket

This great piece is Rossanna's idea of weaving with rags. It is awesome!!! Can you see the beads??

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lace Weaves

I attended a great guild meeting last night where Kathy gave a program on "Lace Weaves". What a great amount of very helpful information. She touched on mock leno, Swedish lace, Finish lace, Atwater-Bronson lace, barley corn, huckaback, spot Bronson, Huck....... I am just saying..... she blew our socks off with her information and her awesome samples.

True lace is usually 2 types: needle or point lace & bobbin lace. In these types of lace, the threads can be laid out freely in any pattern and can come and go almost anywhere.

Kathy's program was on loom controlled lace. You can either use finger manipulations or doups to achieve one of two major types of loom controlled lace; or a mock leno where the warp threads move sideways, and a weft thread is inserted to hold that position. Both help create the 'holes' we associate with lace. In all loom controlled lace weaves PLAIN WEAVE plays a very important role.

Now that I have touched on just a few key points we learned from Kathy, here are some of her beautiful samples. I believe she said these were all HUCK samples.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Inspiration and My Stash

Sometimes we weave on our looms and sometimes we weave in our heads. I have been working on a weaving program for my local guild and I have been thinking!!! We all think we will use up our stash, but when we get ready to do a new project we usually just order what we want. Well, several of us do! So finding my color inspirations and them going to the stash I have these waiting in the wings!!

Here are some drafts and their inspirations that I have been 'thinking' about:

I saw this inspiration in a catalog. I liked the colors but didn't want to do their draft. This would make a great table runner.

I have had this cup laying around just waiting for something to do with it. I just love the stripes. Kitchen towels come to mind when I see the strips on the cup.

This inspiration came from some scrapbooking paper. It will be great with this summer and winter draft for a baby blanket. I may or may not add black. 

Who knew that facial tissue boxes could inspire a color way? I couldn't figure out how to get three browns from my computer program..... but I understand which is which color. (smile) I am thinking kitchen towels, or maybe a thanksgiving table runner......or using very tiny threads for jacket fabric.