Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cabool Guild Meeting May 2016

Just sit back and enjoy. We had everything from inkle weaving with a ridig heddle reed to overshot to woodwork to shared love of weaving. Check us out!

Shirley and her summer and winter wool blanket. Love the great scarf too!

Shirley and silk into a purse. 

Katie and her towels.

Carol and overshot.

Janes spinning.

Vicki and her many towels. Just when does she sleep? LOL

Dawn had this great towel too.

Larry made some of the cross holders that Ann (me) likes to use. It is great we have a weaver and woodworker all in one!

Barbara and her linen.
Barbara likes to do 'inkle' weaving using a ridig heddle reed. Great portable weaving. 

Gayle has been knitting socks and she crocheted that bag from plastic sacks. She is home now and thinks she is going to give her  looms a workout! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Theo Moorman and Katie

WOW! What exciting pieces that Katie wove for us at our Cabool May 2016 meeting.

Well, I think they were really for her and her family. She asked her kids and brothers to give her a sketch to use with this technique. These pieces she has used silk and her copier machine.

Now this piece she used fabric. Just awesome!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Knitting for Weaving

I have been away from my looms, but I have been thinking about them!

Here are some knitted cotton wash cloths to match a woven shibori towel I did. I am thinking I might keep knitting and make some more out of solid white. Then when I dye more towels at the next dye workshop I will dye the cloths at the same time and then they will match.

This is a knitted cotton dish or wash cloth pattern that my mom used to knit all the time.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rep Weave Practice

Almost forgot, but here is my 'practice' rep weave place mat. Our workshop with Kelly Marshall was postponed and will be later. (end of July)

Looking forward to the workshop because this mat may be OK, but it has lots of "uky" places.

1. I couldn't really figure out the edges very well. Lots of long loops on edge.

2. I used 5/2 as the thin when I should have used 10/2.  I read my notes after doing this and Kelly says to use 10/2 for thin if using 3 strands of sugar & cream for the thick. The 5/2 was for the hem part.

Several reason to wait until the workshop to learn how to weave this and get some great place mats.

But thought you would like to see what I have so far. I like my colors and think they will brighten up my kitchen.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Back to Towels

OK, I have finished with the bookmarks. I have a nice supply if I need to give a 'just because' to someone. I found these warps on the top shelf and thought.... hummm... how about towels. Should be colorful! My notes say these are 8/2 cotton. I will dent them at 20 epi.

Here is the draft drawdown.