Friday, October 31, 2014

Weaving Friends

One good thing about being a weaver is seeing ......or better yet.... having another give you one of their creations. Today I have Kay and Katie helping me out in the kitchen. Handwoven towels can not be beat!!!!

Now if I just knew what to fix for lunch!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Overshot Program at Cabool in October

Katie shares some tips and tricks that work for her and
could help us get that warp on with less errors.
You would think that just having show and tell and listening to the highlights and lowlights of our woven items would be enough of a program. But we most always have a formal program too! And this was a program near and dear to most of us. Katie shared with us how she goes about getting ready and then weaving Overshot. Lots of great tips and ways to help get your warp on the loom. Then Becky gave the one-two punch with a live and in person demo of --weaving 'tromp as writ', 'weaving on the diagonal', 'weaving as drawn in' .

Becky is weaving without any written treadling. She just reads her threading! 

Becky brought some awesome samples.

Becky and Katie are helping Vicki weave "tromp as writ" or "on the diagional" or "weaving as drawn in".  Anyway you say it, it's the weave structure we all fell in love with: Overshot.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Weavers Meeting

Yes, more show and tell from yesterday. Take your time and enjoy!!
Katie wove two panels to make this awesome blanket.

Close up of Katie's blanket.

Katie chose to do some shadow weave on these towels.

Larry did a repair on a shuttle. It's good to have a woodworker/weaver in the group.

Becky was working on pulling her resist threads on her woven shibori.

Bo wove this blanket in plain weave using a two color weft yarn. The dark brown is the warp. Almost looks like twill-doesn't it?

Dawn had a jacket made from a piece of cotton denim. She dyed it light orange then  put on a few resist pieces of wood on and over dyed a darker orange. She is also showing us some yardage in 2/2 twill. She dyed the wool, then spun it and then wove it. I would say that is from hoof to 'almost' coat. "Almost" until it is cut and turned into the jacket she will make it into. I think she said she is waiting for her mom to come visit to help with that part of her project.

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Meeting of the Weavers

Jane dyed some cotton.
I have not been weaving very much lately. As you tell by my being absent from blog-land. I did attend the Cabool Weavers meeting today and had my socks knocked off. I I didn't wear any socks today, but if I had socks on they would have flown off! Check out some of the show and tell:

Vicki's twill blocks towels
Jane 's scarf

Sam shared an overshot bath mat and a miniature overshot sample.
Vicki painted a few warp chains!
Shirley C. shared her painted warp chains.

Shirley C. weaving shadow weave. The top towel she used three colors while the bottom two towels are two color.
These towels from Shirley D. are yummy!!!

more show and tell tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NO- Back to the Other Warp

Yep, this is the Bronson lace-spot warp. I threaded every other color into the heddles and dark thread all landed on shaft 7. I would usually put every other thread on shaft 1...but this had me put them on the back shaft. So I should be reading my treadling from the bottom to top.... but nah! I am used to seeing what I weave upside down. Crazy me!!

My sample, so don't look at the edges. Sloppy-sloppy!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Back to Hand Painted Warp

It is great fun to be able to flip back and forth on two different projects. They are both scarves, but the color and structures are sooooo different, that it makes it fun.

I am weaving a single two-tie (summer and winter) with a painted warp. The weft is black and the tabby is black sewing thread. There is enough plain weave in the design to help show off the warp colors.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Project - Bronson Spot and Lace Combined

Yikes.... I just realized that by November and December I will need to have woven my 'surprises' for my two different guild gift exchanges. Well..... I am working one here. It is nubby silk, two colors in the warp, I wound them separately on the wrapping board, Now I am combining them as I pull them through the reed.
I am going to weave a version of Bronson lace and spot combined.

I am using two different 'threading blocks' to hold the crosses while I pull each thread into it's appropriate place. Keeps both of my hands free while I work.

If you have this publication: Versatile Bronson by Dorothy S. Burton, Monograph Five, you can find my draft on page 41.  I will either weft this with the yellow, beige, or I might try a cream. SAMPLING to come after I get this the tensioned on the loom.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Show and Tell

A really good way to learn is to attend a guild meeting and see all the wonderful and exciting things your weaver friends are doing. After Marilynn gave a very informative program on Linen, we had our show and tell. Check it out!!

**just a note to Diane.... we did not elect you to any committees, but we were tempted. Hope to see you at the Dec. meeting!!
Kayla and her Taquete towels.

Tomi used some poly cord for this chair. She also shared a photo of her "new to her" Loomcraft Loom.

Marty wove some yardage with her handspun bamboo and wove with rayon & silk.


Rossanna created a kumuhimo necklace with sterling silver beads and gemstones.

Marty handpainted the fibers, wove the yardage then Janice (our expert seamstress) turned it into a wonderful garment.

Up close details.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Linen 101

I was able to attend another meeting of the Weaving Divas! Marilynn had a wonderful program on linen. Besides having several very exciting examples of linen she had woven, she also had several tips and tricks to share that will help us weave with linen. She discussed the characteristic of linen, the different sizes, tips on warping, weaving and finishing. Here are some examples of her excellent weaving!

Rossanna shared a wonderful linen piece she wove a few years ago. It was a sample for a project she was doing for her church. We are so glad she realized it was also a piece of art and had it framed.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Hem - You Hem - We All Hem

I am very pleased with these small Swedish lace finger tip towels. They will make some great last minute gifs or even first choice gifts in a few months.  These have been hemmed and ironed and are in the 'gift closet'!
The Rooster and his Lady Red!

Red and Black

A little white lace to make this one pop!

Red-White-Blue for a July luncheon.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Swedish Lace and Tracking

Some days you just want to sit and hem towels... well, some do-some don't!
Here are some of the towels I did from the article in the Jan/Feb 2006 Handwoven by Vicki Tardy. I found it very interesting to see the 'tracking' that showed up. These are just out of the dryer, not ironed!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Painted Warp

OK, I have gotten distracted from overshot to my painted warps. I still hope to weave the name drafted overshot some time in the future. But onward and upward.....

As you can see, I have found the reed I need (12 dent) and have added some black rayon to get the width I want. I worked up a single two tie draft I think will help show off the painted warp. This is the warp I painted at Katie's house.

I am weaving with black bamboo as pattern weft and polyester black sewing thread as tabby.