Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lace Weaves

I attended a great guild meeting last night where Kathy gave a program on "Lace Weaves". What a great amount of very helpful information. She touched on mock leno, Swedish lace, Finish lace, Atwater-Bronson lace, barley corn, huckaback, spot Bronson, Huck....... I am just saying..... she blew our socks off with her information and her awesome samples.

True lace is usually 2 types: needle or point lace & bobbin lace. In these types of lace, the threads can be laid out freely in any pattern and can come and go almost anywhere.

Kathy's program was on loom controlled lace. You can either use finger manipulations or doups to achieve one of two major types of loom controlled lace; or a mock leno where the warp threads move sideways, and a weft thread is inserted to hold that position. Both help create the 'holes' we associate with lace. In all loom controlled lace weaves PLAIN WEAVE plays a very important role.

Now that I have touched on just a few key points we learned from Kathy, here are some of her beautiful samples. I believe she said these were all HUCK samples.


Kankuritar said...

Hi Ann,
This (Finish lace) is one of my favorites. Easily beautiful surface.

Anonymous said...

I sell vintage linens and a lot of older pieces have this sort of openweave effect--it's so elegant. I'm looking forward to trying it myself, as I get more experienced at weaving!

Vlaďka Cepáková said...

I like these pieces. Every of them is very beautiful and original.

Ann said...

Yes, Kathy did a wonderful job getting samples ready for her program. I love the two different lace gamps.