Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Towel Exchange Anyone?

When you have been snowed or iced out of your end of the year holiday party, you take matters into your own hands and tell Mother Nature to just step aside.....

 That is what my Cabool weavers did! We had our yearly get-together with a towel exchange. How many towels you bought you got to take home that many. All the towels were wonderful and we didn't fight to much over them. We had show and tell, food, towels, food, fun, stories, fun, and did I mention food?
This awesome towel was woven by Larry! And it got to go home to my house!! Yeah!!

Hey look, someone got my picture. I was trying to remember how I got my stripe sequence. 

Becky and her red and white towels. 

Gayle is showing her towels with Barbara, Bo, and Larry watching..

Jane is showing the towels she made (Gayle likes them).

Katie is showing how she used "Airplane Man's shirt" to get her strips. It is a long story.... maybe I will let her tell it someday. LOL

Sam had several great towels.

Shirley's towels went quick. Love the purple strip.

I know Vicki has towels in the exchange, but I couldn't help but show off these Rep Weave, painted warp, runners! WOW-Vicki..... you blew my socks off with these.  Painted Warp!!! What an awesome idea with Rep. 

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