Thursday, October 15, 2015

"G" is for Gamp

"G"is for GAMP

While learning about you next weave structure you might consider doing a gamp with it. It could be a color gamp, or a structure gamp. The information learned is always welcomed, but the gamp itself is truly awesome! The different ways the colors interact, or the different affects you can achieve just by changing the treadling. Next time you put on a warp,put a little extra and try weaving with a color you would't normally use with your warp color or change the tie-up after your project and see what you get.

Who wouldn't want to hang any one of these in their weaving studio???

Marilynn wove a color gamp in fine wool.

Here, Marilynn has a gamp using an overshot threading. I would call this a treadling gamp.

I found this example in the Weaver's Issue 20 on page 55. 

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