Thursday, October 29, 2015

"R" is for Rya Knot

"R" is for Rya Knot

First off.... my spell check doesn't know the word: Rya.... Who put this dictionary on my computer? Me thinks he/she forgot some very important words,

To begin, cut your yarn to individual lengths. Maybe use a cardboard or mat board to cut the yarn to uniform lengths. Or a neat trick is to use already cut yarn lengths sold for rug hooking.

On a closed shed, place a length of yarn around two warp ends.

(The needle is just to hold the threads because I couldn't take the picture and hold the threads too) Hold the ends together in one hand.. (the part under the needle), and with the other hand separate the two warp ends and pull a loop of yarn through the center of the two warp ends.

Pull the ends of the yarn through the lifted loop.

Pull down knot to tighten. Weave at least two rows of plain weave before beginning another row of knots.Then you can go back and trim to length before you began another row of knots or even wait until you have finished weaving the project.

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