Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"L" is for Lindsey-Woolsey

"L" is for Lindsey-Woolsey

A course, stout material, made with linen warp and wool weft on a twill threading. This fabric was used as skirting by the British peasantry while it was most commonly used during the Civil War era in America for outer clothing. The name is from the components of the cloth produced.

Back in 2007, I took a week long class at John C. Campbell Folkschool where we studies 18th Century Textiles. This was my first time working with linen. The teachers were Barbara Miller and Pam Howard. We learned how to put linen on the loom and treadled different twill patterns using a wool weft.

The hand of this cloth isn't very soft or pleasant, but it was its durability that was important.

My samples woven at the school showing a washed sample and an unwashed sample.

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