Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Q" is for Quills

"Q" is for Quills

I have never used quills, but from reading I have found out that they do not have sides like bobbins and can be made of cardboard. I found several web sights telling how to wind them. I found a place that sold them 10/pack for $6.50. Maybe I need to try them?


Katie said...

I've made quill substitutes out of old Bic round stick pens. That outer shell is just the right diameter. Take it apart, saw it to the right size. Presto,chango! Quill!

Kiki said...

You don't need to buy them - you can simply roll your own quills out of any piece of paper. Bonus: an endless supply of quills on your hands.
Blusterbay has some good instructions on their website: http://www.blusterbaywoodworks.com/instructions.html#quills


Ann said...

Great ideas!