Sunday, October 18, 2015

"J" is Just For Fun


Sometimes, don't we all just weave for the fun of it? Sometimes we weave to learn a new technique, sometimes it is for a gift or sometimes it is just to feel the shuttle in our hands and see the magic unfold in front of our eyes.

With this cute little guy I was learning to weave ticking. I had woven off the blue and white warp and tied on with black and white. Then I wondered what would happen if I took the fabric to the dye pot. So that is why the fabric is yellow and black stripped. So now I had this piece of dyed fabric and it told me it wanted to be a dogie. This is what turned I got!

When I took him outside for his photo session, he wanted to hold a flower I had made from a small twill sample. I think he was enjoying the cool crisp morning air out on the back porch. So remember to smell the flowers and weave a little for fun today!

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