Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"M" is for Motif

"M" is for Motif

If you are a lover of coverlets and overshot, you are likely aware of the different motifs that make up those patterns. I think most of the weavers I know fell in love with overshot from the very beginning of their weaving adventures. I know I did. The drafts usually were for a four shaft loom and was a great way to learn to 'square your motifs' , 'weave as drawn-in' , 'use two shuttles' , 'connect with the past'. The motifs were combined and rearranged to create wonderful textiles. And who couldn't love some of the names for the pattern: Missouri Trouble, Alabama Beauty, Orange Peel, Wandering Vine, Indiana Frame Rose, Rose in the Wilderness, Dutchman's Fancy, and Lee's Surrender.

Here are a few examples.





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