Saturday, October 10, 2015

Divas in October 2015 Program

Have you ever wondered what MOIRE' means? The "morie' effect is a new pattern which appears when two regularly spaced sets of lines are superimposed and cross at small angles. HUH? You say... Moire' is closely related to 'echo' weaving, but you are using two different sets of shafts. If interested in seeing what this is all about, You might try these publications:

1. A Handbook of Weavers, by G.H. Oelsner
2. Mastering Weave Structures, by Sharon Alderman
3. Sandra Rude in the Complex Weavers Journal Issues 79 and 80

You will find words like: NETWORK, INTERLEAVE, SHADOW WEAVE, ECHO............
You can get awesome effects on lots of shafts, but some wonderful examples on 8 shafts too.

Thanks to Rossanna for sharing her awe inspired exploration of Moire'.

8 shaft scarf in Moire'. Notice the two different sides. 

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