Monday, October 19, 2015

"K" is for Kumihimo

"K" is for Kumihimo

Kumihimo is a Japanese interlaced braid technique. While on a weaving loom the threads are woven with a horizontal and vertical structure, the braids made with the TAKADAI have a diagonal structure known as oblique interlacing. This Takadai is one piece of braiding equipment developed in Japan. The braid is usually flat and be several inches wide.

This is the Takadai loom.

If wanting to explore this braiding technique a couple of small hand held  'wheels' or 'plates' have been fashioned to create the round or flat braids.

Using these small looms, you can create round braids to make a 'frog' for that evening jacket. Or a flat braid for an evening scarf, or a narrow strip of accent on a yoke. Lots of application for round or flat braids. 

One of my guild members (Rossanna) has been exploring kumihimo. Her introduction of beads into this technique is very exciting. So grab your takadai or disk or plate and create something exciting too!

One resource book - Making Kumihimo Japanese Interlaced Braids by Rodrick Owen. copyright 2004. 

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