Friday, October 30, 2015

"S" is for Shuttle

"S" is for Shuttle

The tool that carries the weft through the shed is called the shuttle. There are many different kinds of shuttles for carrying the weft yarns. Boat shuttles are faster and more expensive, and stick shuttles are slower and less expensive. But your shuttle needs to fit the yarn. You wouldn't use a boat shuttle with fabric strips when weaving a rag rug. The rags just would not fit a boat shuttle. And on the other end, you would find it bothersome to weave 100/2 silk using a rug shuttle. It could be done, but a boat shuttle would work better. And no way could you use a ski shuttle on your inkle loom.So match your shuttle to the weft yarns used and even the loom. It will make life and weaving much better.

Double boat shuttle, boat shuttles and one lone flat shuttle for an inkle loom.

From top to bottom: ski shuttle, rag shuttle, rag shuttle, flat shuttle. 


Charlotte Parfitt said...

Hi Ann, Great pictures of different shuttles! I was wondering - what is the ski shuttle used for? I have never seen one before.

Ann said...

The ski shuttle is great for weaving with rags or mop cotton. Several are weaving Rep Weave and that shuttle would work great for the thick weft.