Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"E" is for Echo Weave

"E" is for Echo Weave

Echo Weave is on my bucket list!

I am just now trying to research it. The color interaction is just about enough to make you say "Aaaaaahh" all day long! I have found where a Max Hailperin has called it "corkscrewed network twill" and when he used 8 shaft he called it "8 shaft polychrome corkscrewed network twill." There has been some exciting things made by Alice Schlein and Bonnie Inouye too. Marian Stubenitsky has a book I am just now reading called "Weaving with Echo and Iris"

Taken apart- network and twill and corkscrew - these words might mean something to you. But combine them with color and WOW is all I can say. If this interests you, check out the book by Marian or find a Weaver's issue 32 for an article by Alice Schlein. Or check out Complex Weavers for any resource they may have.

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