Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weaver Rose - One Repeat

OK, here it is. I can see why Weaver Rose didn't give it a name. It is very lovely and would make a great coverlet. Sometimes when we put names on things, they can't escape that meaning. By just calling this 'Coverlet' he sidestepped that problem.

I have used a 10/2 red cotton for pattern and a 20/2 off-white cotton for tabby. I may try to go up to 5/2, if I can find a color that speaks to me! Of course I just ordered some 10/2 the other day, and should have ordered the 5/2. I didn't want to use wool, as I wanted this to be able to be thrown in the washer and dryer. The smart thing would be to cut this off and wash it and see what the 'shrink-ness' is. But I want to try using two colors too. So I will do some more sampling before I weave any great length. I just hope I put on enough. Otherwise I will have to tie on!

I am showing one full repeat of the pattern including the ending edge. It would also make a great edge design of towels or even pillow cases.


Liz aka Fibergeek said...

This is so pretty. I love it.

I have this book and wonder what other beauties are hiding in there.

It would be fabulous to have all of these as wife in a library someplace.

Anonymous said...

Ann, the pattern is just lovely. I agree with you it would make a wonderful pillow case or towel. 5/2 cotton should make the pattern pop even more, looking forward to seeing your experiments.

Katie said...

Very nice!