Friday, December 14, 2012

Broken Threads

OK, this is driving me nuts!!!  I have got to find that temple that Katie said I need to try.
I really like this red 5/2 as pattern weft.

Two more warp threads have broken.....


Sarah said...

Wow! That pattern is stunning! I wish I had a loom like yours....I don't think I would ever leave it. I hope you stick with the pattern x x

Katie said...

I like homemade temples for this type of thing. Here's a website that shows one type.

Any kind of weight on the end of the string will work. I use a group of big washers, or a ziploc of old buttons, anything for weight. You need to tie a string from the back beam to the front beam, as snug as you can, for the temple string to lay across. So, use a big paper clip, open out one leg to stick through the cloth, tie a length of string long enough to go from the side of the cloth, over the string you've tied back to front, and hang down the outside, attach weight on the end of the string, and you have it. Move every 1/2 inch or inch.
Hope this helps!

Ann said...

Thanks, Katie. I will check it out. There is something different I have done with this warp to cause this to happen. Maybe I will figure it out once I have finsihed.