Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tromp As Writ

Here is an example of how I "read the threads"or "tromp as writ" or "treadle as drawn in" or "weave on the diagonal".

The reason you would weave like this is if you sat down at a loom that was threaded to an overshot draft and  there are no treadling directions anywhere. You don't have to cut if off the loom, you weave by reading the threading. 

Take for instance this first photo. I have followed the 'blocks' from the edge and this next blocks I have done is showing me that there were seven threads, but one thread shares with each block, so I will only threw six picks on treadle three, (and of course I have used tabby). Always one less pattern pick than warp threads.

The next block is on treadle four and I will throw only three picks because there are four threads here.

And the next block falls on treadle one and I will throw four pattern picks and four tabby picks. The yellow pin in on that block. The next block was on treadle three and it had three picks. and I just continue across the warp until I get to the left edge, then I go back to the right edge and follow another diagonal line across.

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