Saturday, December 22, 2012

Purple Weaver Rose ?

When I go to bed my brain sometimes keeps working. I think I dreamed of this treadling.  I am using the "Ladey Washingtons Delight" threading from Weaver Rose. (That is on page 81 and is noted as #102.) Again I have not kept with the traditional as-drawn-in treadling but more free form treadling. I doubt if I will ever weave this, but it's nice to see what some of the possibilities could be with this warp. I even like the purple color. Makes me think of my weaving friend, Barbara. She is in a 'purple zone'.

There are a couple resources out there, if you are interested, in creative overshot. A couple are:  CREATIVE OVERSHOT - Margaret B. Windeknecht, Shuttle Craft Guild, Monograph Thirty One and a newer book OVERSHOT: A MANUAL FOR CREATIVE DRAFTING AND WEAVING - Peter Mitchell. Either one will give you  good ideas to thread once and treadle lots of different ways. It's nice if you have spent hours and hours to thread 800 ends to get several different looks!

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