Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weaver Rose and More Colors

     Going to the stash has yielded a mystery yarn that I think I am going to use. It's navy, 1/2 pound and the label says "Interstate Yarn Mills, Inc." That is all I can tell from the label. It's something I bought at a garage sale years ago. It might be 16/2 or something like that...... it's shinny and textured so it might be rayon. I almost feel like telling this yarn "Ready or not, here I come."

I am going to weave on the diagonal, so I have a yellow pin on the line that I will follow. 

OK, that didn't work. To much texture to the yarn. And edge threads are still breaking!

I went and dug through the stash again and found some 5/2 red. I had it with the 8/2 stuff!! Me, organized? I think not!! I hope this one works, as I am afraid I will not have very much warp to work with if I don't decide soon.

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