Friday, December 28, 2012

Cutting Off the Macomber

I finished the warp that was on the 10 shaft Macomber. Maybe people shouldn't try to weave during the holidays with going here and there and company and such...... My clasp weft scarf is only 36" long.... I guess I looked at the wrong notes and thought I had woven 72". Oh well, it was an experiment anyway.

The plain weave scarf is the right size, but the part where I did the pattern work doesn't really show that much. But I will go ahead and twist the fringe anyway. Who knows, it might wash up and be really something. Again, another experiment.

Before I cut this warp off the Macomber, I took my camera to see what this yarn looks like really up close. You think your yarn is really slick, but maybe not! Maybe this is why this Bambu is so soft?

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