Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weaver Rose continues...some more

OK, back to the Baby Wolf,  Weaver Rose and his overshot draft. I don't think I have messed this one up as I am following the diagonal line across and not written directions. Well, I do have the treadling written down, but I try not to look at it. I look if I can't figure out what's next. There are several places where there is only one pick of the treadle and that sometime can be a bear to figure out!

I am going to just weave until I come to the end of this warp. It's either a six yard warp or an eight yard warp. Again, it's good to keep your notes where you can find them. So next year, no cleaning  house for company!! They can step over the yarn and reeds and shuttles just like DH has to do every day ;-)  I did do some sampling on this warp, so it is any one's guess how long this will end up.


heather said...

if i have been understanding this thread of posts correctly...(i get a little distracted by the beauty of this project)you saw the design in the weaving roses book and are trying to write a draft to recreate the pattern. i see the strong diagonal design element. im not understanding why you are feeling it out and not following your written directions. were they wrong? i would very much like to understand your reasoning because i have been learning so much from your insightful blog.somehow i think i misunderstood something.this pattern is gorgeous!

Ann said...

The Weaver Rose book only gives the threading. So I have to figure out the treadling by 'reading' the threading. (I doubt if Weaver Rose ever wrote down an overshot treadling.)

By reading your threading you will know which block to weave and how many shots it will have.

You really don't have to write down your treadling, if you know how to 'read' your threading. And that is what they call 'tromp as writ'. To the traditional overshot weavers I am cheating when I write down the treadling ;-)

There are some computer generated drafts in the back of the book, but they are so small that they really are there to show you what the draft look like, not to use them to weave from.