Sunday, December 2, 2012

Progress on Warping Weaver Rose

Getting some loom time to get the Weaver Rose warp on the Baby Wolf. This is part where I usually watch TV and then wonder why I have a denting error. After I go through the reed, I will thread the heddles then tie onto the back. Once I get started, I enjoy this part.


Anonymous said...

Always find it interesting to see how other weavers warp their looms. I have never used the front to back method before -- all the steps that must be accomplished to get a warp on the loom seem confusing to me. Found the cross holder an interesting bit of hardware, how do you use it?

Ann said...

I use the cross holder instead of holding the threads in my hand. That way I have both hands free. And when the phone rings, I don't have to figure out how to put down the cross and not lose it.

I learned from the Deb Chandler book, so that is why I warp front to back.

Anonymous said...

We both are self taught weavers who learned using the Chandler book.

Interesting how we both choose different methods to warp our loom when we were learning.

I now use a modified method of warping using a warping valet/trapeze - learned about this method from reading Laura Fry and Katie R. Meek's blogs.

It will be fun to see your Weaver Rose draft come to life!

heather said...

i would love a closer look at how you secure your cross to your holder, does it just lay in there?, i also warp front to back because i to learned from the chandler book.i keep telling myself that i will take a class someday.:)

Ann said...

Yes, I just lay in on the block of wood between the nails.

If I have to be gone for a week or so, I will go back and put the choke ties back to secure the cross. I don't really need to, but just do. I use the nylon loopers as my choke ties.