Thursday, December 27, 2012

Conference Yarn

I got my Midwest Weavers conference yarn. It's a little lighter than my photo shows it. We are to make 'something' using at least 50% of it. I still have no idea what I will come up with. First I will have to put in into a ball so I can either wind it for warp or onto a bobbin.

If you have never attended a weaving conference or workshop you really should give it a try. Not only do you learn a lot, but you pick up so many great ideas. I try to keep a small notebook with me so I can jot down some awesome jacket I saw or heard about a great way to hemstitch, or how they got that color.

I have attended two of the MidWest Weavers Conferences and have come away from both re-charged and excited all over again about my craft.

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