Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weaving Guild Party

Bo got the linen runner I made.

One of my weaving guilds (who meets in Cabool) has a wonderful bunch of weavers. We have a December luncheon and gift exchange every year, and this year for our exchange we picked 'table runners'. It could be any weave structure, color, or size but still be considered a 'runner'. Most of those who attended did weave a runner for the exchange. We also had show and tell (for those who remember to bring their stuff) Here are some photos of the fun:

Katie and overshot!

Party favor by Ethel!
I don't know why this is showing this loom crooked, but it was not crooked! Larry refinished this loom. It's beautiful!!

My exchange gift was a summer and winter runner woven by Vicki.
Vicki got a summer and winter runner woven by Sam!
Jane got an overshot runner woven by Becky and Barbara got the overshot one Jane made.
Sam shares some of the summer and winter items.

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