Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Overshot and Roses, an introduction

I received the book 'The Weaving Roses' (copyright 1985)  by Isadora M Safner, from a very good weaving friend of mine and now that I have all my previous commitments finished I can explore this book.

The book states that William Henry Harrison Rose and his sister Elsie collected weaving drafts and made an effort to save them for future generations. He invited a group of fellow weavers to a meeting with the object to form an organization to "insure the future of American handweaving". The author states that he says none of the drafts are original to him. He and his sister wove many of the drafts that are collected in this book.

It will be fun exploring some of the overshot drafts that Weaver Rose "began collecting in the nineteenth century, some which dated back to the 1700's."


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about the weaving Roses - interesting book. Looking forward to seeing what you strikes your fancy.

Katie said...

Sounds like a cool book! I'd love to take a gander at it sometime if you can bring it to Guild.


Ann said...

Yes, it's really interesting if you love overshot, like most of us do.
Will try to remember to bring it to the guild luncheon.