Thursday, November 8, 2012

Summer and Winter Hop-Scotch

Hop-Scotch is a game I played as a kid. You draw some boxes on the sidewalk and hop over some and land on others. That name came to mind when I thought, "what would it look like if I wanted to use lots of color?"

So here is what I am doing: I am letting the tabby thread introduce the next pattern color as I hop from block to block. And at the same time, I am increasing the size of the blocks by two each time.

My first block was woven four time with yellow as the pattern and orange as tabby. My next block was woven six times with orange as the pattern and red as the tabby.

So to keep track of what I am doing I made a chart

Pattern                           Tabby                         number of blocks
Yellow                           Orange                                4
Orange                            Red                                     6
Red                                 Red-purple                         8
Red-purple                     Purple                                10
Purple                             Blue                                   12
Blue                                _____                                 14

I have finished with the purple as tabby and will now use it as Pattern and add the blue as the new tabby.


Anonymous said...

Hop scotch, what fun. Love the color changes they are bright and cheerful.

Ann said...

Thanks! It was a good way to use up some of those full bobbins, too.