Saturday, November 24, 2012

Back to Weaver Rose

I am now working on Weaver Rose's #156 draft. He didn't give it a name, just 'coverlet'. This draft is a standard modern draft, so no problems with getting it into my weaving software. There are only 62 threads in one repeat, and makes a really nice overall design. This is what I think it might look like as-drawn-in. Of course I am not showing the tabby wefts, because it's 'understood' that you ADD TABBY when weaving traditional overshot.

I think I like this in the two colors. I am not to sure about the six thread floats. I will see how long they might be if I dent 30 epi.

The book says he treadled this in a point twill (see blue drawn-down). So right off the bat there are two different looks you could get with this threading. I love the idea of threading once and treadling lots of different ways.

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