Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Summer and Winter red-green

I really like the effect of weaving this in 1-1-1-1 tie-down order. It makes the Christmas colors really pop. This technique is often called the Dukagang method.

Also, it is very important to use the tabby in the correct order throughout or it will be quite noticeable. I am using my tabbies in a-b-a-b order. But you could use a-a-b-b order for your tabbies and get a different background effect.

Since these are small finger tip towels, I think giving this as a gift wrapped around a plate of divinity candy would be fun. But I will need to find someone to make the divinity candy for me first !   ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Ann, the towels are very pretty to look at. I love the natural color background. Haven't had a plate of divinity candy since I was a small girl. My paternal Grandmother was an awesome cook and she always made a lot of candy and cookies for Christmas every year - come to think of it her fruitcake was divine.