Friday, January 9, 2015

Twice the Fun

Normally, Dimity is woven with just one shuttle. And yes, it does weave up pretty fast. But I wondered.... hummm ... what would happen if I used two colors and two shuttles???? I think you get stripes on stripes in this case.

I am using the Loden  and dark brown and my 'mock' plain weave. Pretty cool!

This is a 6 shaft dimity draft from my week long class at John C Campbell Folk School back in 2007. I keep finding different ways to weave this draft. Playing is just plain fun!

8/2 cotton warp and weft. 18 epi. 12 dent reed (1-2-1-2).
22 inches wide in the reed. I wove for 33 inches.
I am getting towels - after cut off loom - washed and hemmed: 18 1/2 inches X 25 inches.

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