Monday, January 5, 2015

More Dimity Towels

DIMITY on 6 shafts

Another run of dimity towels to build up my supply. You never know when you will need a quick gift. And what better gift than a hand woven kitchen towel.

My computer is showing this as a brown, but it is a green color with brown strips.

If you have been keeping up with me, I have tied onto the last red-white warp with the same 8/2 cotton but in the colors Loden and dark brown.

I have a paper tape to measure with. I am at 12 inches on towel one!!!

I was going to only have two small stripes going down the right side, but while at the warping board I decided to add a third strip, thicker, on the left side. Playing at the warping board and playing on the treadles is my kind of fun!

I am using a floating selvage thread. You can just see it on the right---here.


Marilynn Hardesty said...

Ann, I really like these towels. You also have such nice straight selvages.

Marilynn in Ozark

Ann said...

Thank you, Marilynn! ;-)