Friday, January 2, 2015

Ta Da...Tying One On

I am tying on more than one! I am tying on 400!!! I know my threading is correct and I would like to explore this dimity more so I will tie onto the red and white warp.

I have woven a few rows of my 'sort of plain weave'. This will keep the threads in order while I tie the new warp to the old.

This new set of towels will be a color called "loden". I am adding two strips in dark brown on one edge.

*(loden is a green-ish color)


Rachel Berry said...

Love your weaving! I also like the way you tie on a new warp. I usually warp from back to front and my attempts to do it the other way have resulted in failure. However I did spot your clever threading cross holder and the way you weave an inch or so of plain weave. So I gave it a try the other day...and it worked!! Thank you so much for helping to expand my weaving knowledge!

Ann said...

I found that cross holder in a very old Handwoven. The older magazines have lots of great tips. Have fun!