Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Guild Meeting part 1

Whew..... what a day..... almost weaving overload! I have so much wonderful 'show and tell' to show you that I will do it over several days. That way the photo's won't bog down your computers...

First I will give a great big Thank You to Dawn for her wonderful program on warping on a warping wheel. Most of us had never seen one 'in real life'. Very interesting. The only complaint was "where could I put it?" But we were told that some fold up for storage. Hummmm.

And I will share with you the show and tell that I brought that you'all haven't seen. I have been doing some charity knitting and came up with these teddy bears. I found the basic pattern on the internet many-many years ago. (If interested, just Google charity knitting teddy bears.)

Some have purses, some have blankets, some have vests or dresses. A couple have their own babies. A great way to use up that sock yarn, have fun, and do a good deed. These are for a local church to put in their "Shoeboxes" for this next Christmas gifts to needy children. 

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