Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blue on Green

Back to Dimity...... I have room for one more towel, so thought I would go "out side the box" and try a color that I didn't think would work. BLUE. It seems that this drab army green color - Loden - is being neutral  and letting the weft color be the dominate color. I like the blue-brown combination. Should I tie on again???

But you know, I think this is going to work. You can just see where I have finished the red weft and have separated my towels with a few shots of white. I have mixed up the treadling a little on this blue weft thread, just to give a different texture.

I will wash these towels first, then separate them, then hem. A task for one of these cold January nights in front of the TV.
Stay Warm!!

1 comment:

Katie said...

I like the blue!