Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ta! Da! Rug Finished!!

It has been quite the eye opener to work with this large (to me) wool yarn when I usually work with yarn that is 30 epi instead of 5 epi. I still like working with the smaller threads, but will do more with this size wool I am sure. Wonder what this draft would look like woven at the 30 epi? Hummmm... maybe my next adventure, after the rag rug I have on the big Macomber loom is finished.

Here is the rug... did I name it yet? I can't remember. How about "The Blue Jay Rug"? It's blue, and has 'sharp' lines. Just like a Blue Jay from my childhood who used his 'sharp' beak to snap at me.

This is a single two-tie (summer and winter) threading, woven on opposites with alternating colors, without tabby. Either side can be the public side. Finished size is 25" by 49".

A shout out and thank you to those in Russia, Netherlands, Canada, France, South Korea, Australia, China, Czech Republic, and Germany for stopping by and checking out my blog today.  "U's all" in the US too!!


Vlaďka Cepáková said...

Beautiful work! I have a great desire to try it as well. Thank you also for description. I've been thinking for a long time, what technique did you use for this carpet weaving.

Ann said...

Thank you! Some literature also calls this Taquete.