Saturday, March 22, 2014

Midnight in the Bathroom

Finished.... well, it's wet and when it's dry, it will be finished! Weaving with rags was fast--- the prep work and finishing were where the most work was. That is if weaving is really work. I think I might have to go back to some tencel at 30 epi to find my center.

Midnight Bathroom Rug

I was able to give this a good soak in the shower, but couldn't find a place for it to dry in the house. So here it is outside drying on the driveway. There were a couple of places where I didn't like how the transition went from one block to the other. I hope the shrinking, once this is dry, will help that.

This is woven on a single two-tie threading (summer and winter) on opposites (with two different colors) without tabby. Some literature calls this taquete. I have used 8/5 linen as warp and cotton fabric as weft. The edge has a Damascus and braid finish. A floating selvedge and temple was also used.

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bea said...

Lovely colours and pattern
it would match to my bathroom too ;)