Friday, March 14, 2014

Blue-Gray Rug Edge Treatment

I am now working on doing a Damascus Edge to the blue/gray summer and winter woven on opposites rug. I know I practiced on the "dinner leftovers rug" but think I should have practiced more. It doesn't look very neat. But what you see is what you get!
Working right to left, hold the passive warp end in my left hand and the active warp end in my right hand. The know goes over, under and up. The warp will lay onto the rug.

Working the second half of the Damascus Edge, I start from right again and wrap the active warp around the passive end and the fringe will now be back in it's original position.

Since I do not want any kind of fringe or braid, I will needle weave the ends into the rug and clip. I will then put a little "elmers" glue to help secure the edge.

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