Monday, March 31, 2014

Almost Done With Part Three

Part one: wind warp. (650 ends)
Part two: sley reed (took a while)
Part three: thread heddles (taking more than a while)

This project will be a baby blanket. Or that is the plan, Stan. No need to be Coy, Roy. Just let it flow. OK, I think I have been listening to too much radio.

This was a purchased kit from Yarn Barn-KS and I am using 8/2 Orlon sett at 20 ends per inch. I am threading the heddles in a "trick" where I am weaving four blocks on four shafts of summer and winter. I have already gone off the beaten path and am threading my blocks differently than the kit suggested. Let's hope I haven't pulled a trick on myself and run out of heddles!

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