Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Four Blocks of S&W on Four Shafts

As it is taking me a little time to thread the loom, let me try to explain what I am doing. I purchased a kit  from Yarn Barn-KS, but when it came it had a strange threading. Well, you know I must know the 'behind' stuff, sooooo I discovered they had used the American and the European way of drafting summer and winter. I don't know if they do it this way now,  or if from old literature. But non the less, it is four different blocks on four shafts.

Any-hooooo .That got me to researching this threading.  As I said a day or so ago, to make this work you will need to add or subtract an end when you go from one certain block to the other.

See where the black thread on shaft one is? That would be a place where you would have to add the extra thread.

These blocks are:

Now, I am pretty sure I will thread according to this kit, but who know how I will treadle it.

(Hopscotch Blacks Baby Blanket-Yarn Barn-KS. Just a satisfied customer. Not associated with the company.)


Vlaďka Cepáková said...

I'm really regret that I can not better English. It looks so interesting. I have to wait for pictures with the result. Maybe then I'll understand it.

I have one question for you, may I? Could you advise me, please? I´m going to weave a wool rug from my own handspun yarn. I have thick 3 ply yarn for weft and thin 2 ply yarn for warp (worsted and spun from long and strong fiber). But now I hesitate. Should I prefer to use flax yarn for the warp? What is better? Linen or wool warp?

Thank you!

Ann said...

If my grammar was better, the translations would be better.
What little I know or have heard from my rug weaving friends, they use linen as warp. They will use cotton as warp if money is an issue. A rug with wool weft, I would use linen warp. If you look in some of the old weaving books, they say to use linen as warp too.
Hope this helps. Thanks for the question

Vlaďka Cepáková said...

Thank you very much for answer, Ann. It helped me. I spent so much time with preparing wool (natural dyeing, spinnning). Now I can use yarn that I had for warp for another project. Maybe I´ll combine both thick and thin yarn.
Have a nice day!