Friday, October 4, 2013

Working on Projects - Handwork

Going to crochet an edge on this lap robe. I put a filet edge on the first blanket, this one I am going for a more of a big ruffled effect. Here I am showing you the set-up row.

My main objective with this project was to see if I could weave a length of overshot yardage and then put two panels together. That worked fine, but it wasn't going to be wide enough for a full size bed. So I cut it in two and ended up with two lap robes. I guess they could be called baby blankets, but I might be needing a lap robe some time lap robes they are! And since I ended up with two, I can put them in 'the closet' for me and DH.

I am sure some of you have forgotten, but I have a 'closet' where I put different things I make for gift giving in the future. Sometimes, things stay in there for years and some times, they are hardly dry before I give them away.

These lab robes were woven with 10/2 cotton as warp and tabby with an acrylic green weft. I found this green at a flea market. It looks like wool, but is acrylic. I think it might have been intended for a knitting machine. It only had on the label that it was 100% acrylic. The size is like Harrisville Shetland wool. The great thing is that it washable. I am sure when I use it, I will be spilling my coffee and muffin on it -so being washable is a good thing!

DH= dear husband

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