Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thinking Overshot

Ya know....... I have been thinking about this Weaver Rose No. 10 draft and am wondering what it would look like using two colors. I think I would want to use red and blue, but showing it in red and black so it will show up better on screen. I am changing colors at each block change. What do you think? I think it gives it a more complicated look.


Helen Hart said...

Wow, yes, very complicated. Would you weave it with red and blue also? How many shafts?

Ann said...

It is a four shaft overshot draft. I have started putting it on the loom. I will use 10/2 red and blue pattern wefts with the 24/3 off-white as tabby.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'm interested to see how it looks in real thread :-).