Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weave on the Diagonal

The yellow pin is helping keep me on the diagonal.
OK, I am going to weave this on the diagonal. I am really-really sure that there are errors in my threading on the left side. But I am going to forge ahead and see just what I get. I am thinking that when in the 1800's a weaver only had so long to devote to getting a coverlet woven and on the beds before cold weather rolled in, she(he) would have not fixed her(his) errors, but kept going. With over 500 threads for this small width, I am sure she(he) would have said, "well - phooey". (or some such words) and got the job done. Or, maybe - just maybe, she(he) didn't notice the errors until it was finished (like me sometimes).

This is the next block I will weave. It's seven threads, but I will weave it six picks.

See how I follow the diagonal? I only care what is going on with this line. The rest of the areas will take care of themselves. 


Diane in Oregon said...

You know, back then, the lighting was really poor - they wouldn't have seen minor errors at all!

Helen Hart said...

How many shafts are you using? And my tired brain says--so you are using these next 7 threads, then what shafts do youuse? Oh yes, I found plenty of loopers at Hobby Lobby today :)
Helen in snowy Wyoming.

Ann said...

This is a four shaft weave.

The threads are on shafts 1-3, so I lift shaft 2-4 to cover them. These threads tell me how many pattern picks I will do to make this block.

Aren't those loopers great choke ties!