Monday, October 14, 2013

Sampling Another Weaver Rose

It appears that there might be some operator error going on here.

I can't get a plain weave with shafts 1-3 vs. 2-4. I am getting a 'sort-a' plain weave with shafts 1-2, vs. 3-4. And, I am not using the traditional overshot tie up. Instead I am going for a direct tie up that has me stepping on two different treadles at the same time. Either I have not figured out his draft, or I did some crazy threading. I did not see if I had a plain weave when I did the computer work. Yes, operator error here!!!

Not real sure that this 10/2 will work. I know it will look better once it's washed, but think I might try something either bigger or maybe go find some 18/2 wool. But I really like these colors together. The warp is 24/3 sett at 30 epi.

I believe these are the reason we sample!!


Wealdbury Weaving said...

Those colours go well together, maybe just double the yarn on the bobbin?

Marei said...

I realize this isn't what you thought you were going to get but I like it. It feels very 'airy' to me and light which is unlike a lot of red/white/blue fabrics.