Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weaving Tied Weave

I just love the up-close look of this tied weave scarf. The little bits of "ticks" that show up between the pattern areas look like tiny beads. Click to enlarge and see if you agree.

For this cloth, two shafts are used to carry the tie-down warps (shafts one and two). For this reason it is called a two-tie unit weave. It is also called "single two-tie unit weave" because I are using only one shaft for the pattern.
Shafts 1 + 2 carry the tie-down threads
All the other shafts carry the pattern threads.
But since this is a unit weave and four threads make up that unit..... you use the same shafts for the pattern threads. 
So your unit could be: 1-4-2-4,       or 1-5-2-5,       or 1-8-2-8 .....see what I am getting at? 
Single using the same shafts for pattern....
Two tie....using tie-downs on two separate shafts. (In this case - shafts one and two.)
Or you can call it Summer and Winter if you want to.... but single two-tie is better, I think.


Helen Hart said...

Ann, I am following your blog and you do wonderful work. I am trying after all these years to figure out single two-tie weaves and think I have it. Your runner is beautiful and it is 8S? So many questions. Thanks much.
Helen Hart, Cheyenne WY and raining.

Ann said...

Hi Helen,
Yes this is 8shafts. But you can do great things on four shafts too. Just remember two shafts are for your tie downs, and all the rest can be pattern, and each unit must have four ends. When you weave your unit you must have four picks of pattern and four picks of tabby.

Thanks for checking out my blog.

Helen Hart said...

Thanks Ann for your reply. I am going to copy your reply and study it. You are very clear in your descriptions. I will continue to follow you. Helen