Thursday, September 5, 2013

Diva's and Taquete

The Diva's have been at it again. The combined program and show/tell was so awesome, that I will have to take a few days just to cover it all. For starters, we had Linda giving a very informative program on Taquete.

TAQUETE is a weft-faced compound tabby weave. It is also referred to as weft-faced summer and winter, weft-faced polychrome summer and winter (without tabby) and weft-faced two-tie unit weave. This weave lends its self to weaving with thick or thin fibers and from delicate bookmarks to thick rugs to clothing. The best patterns are suited for bold, contrasting colors and can be used for 4, 8 or unlimited shafts. Linda's examples below. Here color choices made her items extra great! Thanks Linda for the great information on Taquete!!!

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Loomynatic said...

My friend made wonderful rag rugs in taquete - I loved them and now I'm interested in taquete and summer and winter in general, so it is really interesting post for me.
Beautiful fabrics.