Monday, September 23, 2013

Another Side Trip - Hearts

OK, I think I am putting a dent in my 'samples' basket. How about these cute hearts? They are different on both sides - the one on the left is showing it's taquete side and the one on the right is showing a plain weave side. They are poising on a handwoven towel by Dawn.

My friend Becky found this little child's song/game from 1902. It was sung to the tune of Nelly Bly, a popular song in the late 1800's.
Over one, Under one,
Over one again.
Under one, Over one,
Then we do the same.
Hi weavers! HO, weavers!
Come and weave with me!
You'll rarely find, go where you will,
A happier band that we!

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