Friday, September 13, 2013


If you can wind a warp
And never miss the cross,
If you can thread the heddles one by one
And never suffer loss,
If you can reed the threads
And never miss a dent,
And smilingly repeat your pattern
And never once resent
An interruption or a muttered curse
From workers by your side,
If you can start to weave
And find the threads you thought were tied
Are loose; if you can cheerfully retrace
Your steps and do it all again,
Then call yourself a weaver, friend;
Your patience has no end.


bea said...

That's right. I totally agree that patience is the key to success!
The author must be a weaver :)

Helen Hart said...

Thanks Ann. Mind if I send this to my Northern Colorado Weavers Guild to print in the newsletter? I am about 50 miles from Ft. Collins, to the north. The bridges are flodded out but we are sopping wet here. God Bless all the people in Colorado.
Thanks for your posts. Helen

Ann said...

Feel free to print the poem. I just wish we knew who wrote it.

Prayers to you folks out in Colorado.

Helen Hart said...

Thanks Ann,
We in Cheyenne are higher altitude. Yes, it is awful in Colorado. Say, I saw your pictures of the work your Guild members did. I would like to send you some prospectus (i?) for our Northern Colorado Weavers Guild Show. Email me your home address please.