Monday, September 2, 2013

Throwing the Shuttle Begins

I found some pink 140/2 silk that I will be using as the tabby for this single two-tie draft. Sometimes when you weave this structure (S2T) , it might not have as much drape as one would like. To counter that characteristic, I am using a much thinner tabby to help me get the drape I want. Anyway that is my thinking. Hope it works!

Another name is summer and winter for this draft. And because I really like the little circles, I am weaving this in 1-2-2-1 order with the tabby order as a-b-a-b. Of course, the x's will be on the other side, but I like looking at the circles as I weave.


Fran said...

Hi there; the edges on your scarves are great! Can I ask what sett you use, and do you weight the selveges separately??
I seem to be still struggling with that! Thanks Fran

Ann said...

This bamboo I am setting at 24 epi.This Bamboo from Cotton Clouds is listed with it's own measuring system. But I would say is was like 10/2 cotton.

No, I didn't use a floating selvedge on this because I have allowed for plain weave to be on the edges. Most of the time I do use a floating selvedge.

Ann said...

Ah, I really didn't answer your question, sorry.

No, I usually don't weight my floating selvedges. I wind them onto the back beam with the rest of the warp.