Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Special Sock Number Two

I have been able to knit on my special sock project. Here is Christmas sock number two!  I have the cuff done and am in the process of turning the heel. (at least that is what I call it)

When I usually knit sock, I will make the cuff for women's socks six inches and eight inches long for men's socks. Since these are to be Christmas socks to hang on the fireplace, I am making the cuff area ten inches. I want there to be lots of room to hold lots of goodies.  I am trying to knit six socks before Christmas. Wish me luck!


Katie said...

Okay, this is how it starts. Be wary. Remember Barb and her, what, 57 pairs of socks in one year? Gotta watch that sock addiction ;-)

Ann said...

I hear you!!

Anonymous said...

NIce job!